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Bibamus Icons

Ergo Bibamus's Icon Journal

14 May
Bibamus Icons


Rules and FAQ

This journal was set up as the graphics journal of ergo_bibamus. Please visit my private journal if you want to ask any personal questions. My 'interests' here are aimed at my graphics. For personal interests, see my personal journal.

Icons and Graphics Terms of Use

My icons and graphics are available to use with the proper credit. This means putting my journal name "bibamus_icons" in the 'keywords' or 'comments' section when you upload your icons into LJ. Please provide a link to this journal if you use them outside of LJ. My icons and graphics are not bases unless otherwise stated - please do not alter them in any way. You may not re-produce my work, or provide them for others to use, or claim them as your own. You may not sell or re-distribute them.

My SCREENCAPS are for use by anyone to make their own graphics. You do not need to credit me every time you use them. But a link somewhere in your resources would be nice (not compulsory).

If you have any questions, please ask.
Enjoy :)


Can I friend you? By all means :) I love meeting people, but please, if you friend me, and do make use of my work, I ask only that you leave me a comment to let me know who you are.

Do you take requests? Sometimes. If I take a request, the resulting icon or graphic will be available for everyone to use (subject to my terms above). I won't make personal icons for anyone unless they are a good friend. But if you do have a request, please leave me a note. I am stretched for time, so please be patient.

Do you make your own textures, brushes, and gradients? Yes, I do. But I also use others. I will credit where appropriate if I use someone else's brushes or textures.

Will you do a tutorial on 'XYZ', or help me do 'that'? Yes. Or at least - I will try :p If you want to know how I produce a particular effect, go ahead and ask. I may do a full tutorial or two on this journal, but they are very time consuming.

Where did you get that image/screencap? If I got it from a site, I will try and provide the link for you. But a lot of my screencaps I've done myself. If you want a particular one, just ask, and I'll see if I can find it for you :)

Can I use your layout graphics etc? No, sorry. When I replace it with a new one, I will provide this one for use, but not before. Thank you.

If you have any questions, please ask, and I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible